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Cedarville University

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Fall 2022

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Tunisia and Italy: Politics and Religious Integration in the Mediterranean


This research largely focuses on the perspectives of the Tunisian youth in regards to the unemployment situation they are being faced with. These perspectives carry many insights as to the problems in Tunisia and the potential solutions to these problems. Background research was conducted to examine the specifics of the economic situation and how it ended up in such a state. The Tunisian economy was found to be heavily suffering from high unemployment, high inflation, a lack of job creation, and a lack of FDI to name a few. These negative symptoms have especially been impacting the young adults in Tunisia. Through questionnaires, it was found that young adults had very strong feelings towards the situation they find themselves in. First, their mental health was negatively impacted from the unemployment crisis and trying to find a job. Second, they held the Tunisian government largely responsible for the current conditions. Topics such as incompetent government policy, poor education, and corruption within the government were all brought up by the interviewees. Every individual expressed a desire to leave the nation which reflects very poorly on the current situation at hand. After the interviews were broken down, there was a brief discussion on the solutions that are required in order to better the situation for young adults and keep them in the country. The sake of the Tunisian future is reliant on the current and next generations which is discussed in the concluding aspects of this research.


African Studies | Arabic Studies | Development Studies | Labor Economics | Regional Economics | Work, Economy and Organizations


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