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Earlham College

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Spring 2006

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Jordan: Modernization and Social Change


In light of increased use of cooperatives by the Jordanian government and the sparseness of in-depth impact assessments, this study seeks to investigate the Anaqeed Al-Khair's impact on livelihoods in terms of income flows, vulnerability, and quality of life as well as analyzing the distribution of impacts based on degree of need, membership status, and gender. Working within the framework of the sustainable livelihoods approach, the study is based on qualitative research using participatory monitoring and evaluation guidelines. Findings include that cooperative projects are valuable for their impact on participants and demonstration of new viable livelihood strategies, but the benefits have not spread appreciably to more peripheral community members and the community at large. The sun-dried tomatoes initiative is a model project, and the role of seasonal women workers in promoting broader engagement despite challenging circumstances demands further investigation for potential wider application.



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