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Beloit College

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Spring 2023

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Tunisia and Italy: Politics and Religious Integration in the Mediterranean


Since the populist Kaid Said has risen to the office of the presidency in Tunisia, the country has been experiencing its largest threat to its hard-fought democracy since the 2011 Revolution. In this paper, I argue that Tunisian judges have utilized off-bench resistance tactics to protect their own autonomy from executive encroachment. I find that judges’ strikes are the dominant form of off-bench resistance. I explain this by looking at the relationships that judges’ unions maintain with other civil society organizations and unions, particularly the UGTT. I argue that the post-revolutionary environment, the strong union culture in Tunisia, and the ability of judges to mobilize allies explains why judicial off-bench resistance has manifested as strikes.


African Studies | Judges | Law and Politics | Law and Society | Political Science | Politics and Social Change


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