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Tufts University

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Spring 2023

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Ghana: Globalization, Cultural Legacies, and the Afro-Chic


Poverty-stricken migrant women, named ‘Kayayei or Kayayo’ because of the nature of their job in the informal sector, have high birth rates and are said to have many barriers affecting their access to maternal health resources. In this study, Kayayei in Madina Market were interviewed and both quantitative and qualitative data were gathered to determine whether a relationship exists between access to maternal health and the obstetric complications and outcomes experienced by Kayayei. A Chi-Squared Test of Independence and a Qualitative Content Analysis were both used to analyze the data. Due to a non-significant p-value, it was found that the Kayayei in Madina Market have access to both prenatal and antenatal care, however, the quality of this care varies. It was also found that a high percentage of Kayayei experienced pregnancy-induced Depression, Anxiety, Anemia, and High Blood Pressure. The results show that other factors must be examined to determine their relationship with obstetric complications among Kayayei.


African Studies | Family, Life Course, and Society | Health Policy | Inequality and Stratification | Maternal and Child Health | Obstetrics and Gynecology


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