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Colgate University

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Fall 2023

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Jordan: Geopolitics, International Relations, and the Future of the Middle East


This preliminary case study investigated the composition, complexity, and presence of labor migration aspirations among female undergraduate students at the University of Jordan. The University of Jordan was selected as the research site due to its size and prominence in Jordan. The study sought to explore female participants’ perspectives on the current economic situation in Jordan, migration aspirations, and desired destinations. Interviews were conducted with undergraduate students at the University of Jordan. Of these ten participants, six expressed clear labor migration aspirations, three expressed aspirations to stay, and one expressed ambivalent migration aspirations. Nearly all participants expressed negative views of the Jordanian economy for various reasons related to high living costs and poor employment opportunities. Labor migration aspirations encompassed different economic and socio-cultural motivators, whereas aspirations to stay were defined by solid familial attachment and desire to pursue domestic employment. Regarding desirable destinations, most students cited the US and European nations, primarily characterized by the belief in better work opportunities abroad. Further research is required to provide a holistic picture of the topic.


Behavioral Economics | Development Studies | Migration Studies | Near and Middle Eastern Studies | Women's Studies


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