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Spelman College

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Fall 2005

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Morocco: Culture and Society


This is an exploration of identity using dreams in the Moroccan context. I formally spoke to around twenty-five Moroccans for my research and spoke briefly or casually about the subject of dreams with many more, almost everyone I became friendly with. I give no personal information about the people who spoke to me without their consent, and I give all credit where it’s due, I hope. I set out from Rabat on the 10:30 train to Marrakesh, to spend my three weeks there. I kept a copy of Dreams, a collected works of Jung, by my side. I kept copious notes in a few journals. I wrote down my own dreams. I drew doodles of hideous monsters. I wrote stories. I became a master of the game of spades. I met some people I’ll never forget, and some people I’ll always love. I fell in love with the city of Marrakesh something like a thousand times. I thought long and hard about the nature of dreaming. I thought long and hard about the nature of truth. I thought long and hard about my own nature, and the nature of Morocco as far as I could see it. And this is what happened.


Anthropology | Social and Cultural Anthropology


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