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Carleton College

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Fall 2005

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Viet Nam: Ecology and Sustainability in the Mekong Delta


Over the course of one month I conducted a study of primary education in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. I compared rural and urban schools to determine what the differences were, how they are reflected in individual schools, and what effects these differences have on individual children. I visited and studied three schools in Can Tho City and three schools in rural communities outside of Can Tho. The differences expected were in enrollment, teacher qualifications, facilities, student motivation and ambition, and curriculum.

Data was compiled from classroom observations, interviews with principals and teachers, and surveys completed by students. Results indicate that there are far more similarities than originally suspected, particularly in material taught, teacher experience and education, gender balance and student attendance, and students’ plans for the future. The disparities are evident, primarily in the facilities, time spent at school, and education for the whole child. Urban schools offer more academic opportunities and care for health and happiness as well as installation of facts. Recommendations include more time for students in school, redirection of resources, and attention paid to the education of all facets of children.


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research


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