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University of Richmond

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Spring 2008

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The Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender


This study attempts to understand the lives of young homosexuals living in the Netherlands. Eight homosexual adolescents were interviewed and their responses were analyzed to find out more about growing up in a society known for its tolerant and progressive legislation. The research found that although it is better than most countries, there are still some problems for gays in the Netherlands. It is not uncommon for gay Dutch adolescents to face discrimination and harassment. These young people were quite nervous about coming out and their experiences doing so were not always positive. Parents in the Netherlands were not always supportive of their children and bullying is unfortunately common in Dutch schools. The effect of the internet on these young people was also explored. While the internet can provide helpful information about coming out, using the internet as a way to talk to other homosexuals can be quite risky. Many people take advantage of these adolescents’ openness online.


Gender and Sexuality


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