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Susquehanna University

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Spring 2005

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Mexico: Grassroots Development and Social Change


In this study I explore CIdeCI’s role in regenerating autonomous cultural and physical spaces for Indigenous learning, and thus living, outside of the government system through its alternative educational methods and non-formal, independent status. I argue that non-formal education plays an essential role in regenerating cultural and physical spaces necessary for ensuring that Indigenous forms of social organization retain and/or obtain their autonomy from state and national governments. I will begin by presenting a brief overview of my research methodology, followed by theoretical background regarding education and cultural spaces, specifically pertaining to the Indigenous population of Chiapas. I will then present the information I gathered during my research period, using anecdotal and observed material, as well as information gather through formal interviews and CIdeCI resources, as a means for understanding how the deeper theoretical insights apply to CIdeCI in particular.


Education | Politics and Social Change


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