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University of Redlands

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Fall 2004

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Czech Republic: Arts, Community, and Transition


Contemporary Czech art is heavily influenced by a history of Communism, the 1989 transition to capitalism, and the impact had on visual culture by the political and economic changes after the Velvet Revolution. Czech female art, defined as art made by women that is informed by themes of female identity, image, the body, sexuality, feminism, sexual identity, and gender theory, responds to how female identity has been affected by these social changes. This essay argues that Czech female art is depoliticized by its artists, through either neglect or resistance to political connotations and ramifications, but that it is simultaneously engaged with broad social issues through a unique synthesis of personal and public identity. Depoliticization is also discussed in terms of how it actually affects politics, including feminism, lesbianism, and corporeality, and how it reveals social and cultural relationships to political ideologies.


Art Practice | Women's Studies


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