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Columbia University

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Spring 2008

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Balkans: Gender, Transformation, and Civil Society


This project looks at the changes that Sarajevo endured as a result of the war of the nineties and at how those changes affected residents’ relationships with the city, approaching the topic from an urban perspective. To answer these questions, I conducted historical and theoretical research on the city and conducted a series of ten interviews. Two of my interviews were factual interviews that augmented my knowledge of the city and it’s physical changes, and eight of the interviews were sociological interviews that helped me to understand residents’ experience of change in the city. This paper presents my findings by characterizing the city of Sarajevo before the war through looking at how the city developed both physically and socially, by outlining main areas of change in the city, and finally by discussing residents’ remarks about Sarajevo’s past, present, and future.


Urban Studies and Planning


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