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Colorado State University

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Spring 2004

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Chile: Culture, Development, and Social Justice


This is a paper about my interpretations of the forest industry in the IX region of Chile and the effects it has as I saw and heard about them from the people I talked to. It is not an objective paper and my own perspective is evident throughout. What I think brings credibility to the paper is the fact that it reveals a reality that I experienced directly, in the communities and offices of the people who lives are effected by the plantations. I realize that a great deal of the paper sounds very sensationalized, but it is because I feel that what is at stake is very important. Preserving the ecological and cultural wealth that our earth still possesses is a challenge of epic proportions, and no language or action which deals with it is too strong. I regret that I did not have more time to investigate the situation and speak with those involved, but I am thankful that I had the opportunity to meet the people I did and I hope that my life in somehow serves to further the same ecological justice and human dignity that many of them are fighting for.


Forest Management


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