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St. Michael's College

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Fall 2008

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Fiji: Multiculturalism and Social Change


Youth communities, as well as religious ones, are thriving in modern Fijian culture. The young people identify with a changing way of life, while those who are religious often cling to tradition and order. Despite this apparent contradiction of lifestyles, most young people in Fiji do consider themselves to be religious.

This paper is a study on the identity of young, Roman Catholic Fijians in Suva, Fiji. I joined the Sacred Heart Parish youth group and worked with the members to gain an understanding of their lives as young, Catholic individuals in modern Fiji. I have also looked at their identity from another point of view, through the eyes of Catholic lay people and clergy.

It was my intent to uncover exactly what issues resulted from the unique identity that young, religious Fijians embody. I also wanted to discover the role that they play within their community. I have found and analyzed many of these issues, and I have made educated suggestions as to what the youth and the rest of the Church must do to resolve certain problems so that they will be better able to move forward.



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