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University of California, Berkeley

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Fall 2006

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The Balkans: Gender, Transformation, and Civil Society


Wartime sexual violence is currently being prosecuted in numerous legal institutions across the world. In order for survivors of this sexual violence to have the best possible experiences, many improvements in the care, protection, and support of those who come forward to testify in these institutions need to be made. This study looks at the practices of one particular legal institution, the National Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is currently in the midst of trying several war crimes cases, many of which involve incidents of mass, systematic sexual violence as part of a larger military campaign in the region in the 1990s. In observing how this institution addresses issues of protecting the rights of survivors and improving their experiences as witnesses in the court, the study hopes to make recommendations as to how survivors might be more sensitively dealt with by international and local legal institutions that need the cooperation of survivors in order to go forward with war crimes trials.


Legal Studies | Social Welfare


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