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Butler University

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Fall 2008

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Tunisia: Popular Culture and Globalization in the Arab World


Excerpt from Introduction:

What follows is a short story providing a glimpse into the life of Naïma and her family. The entire story is based on fact, each person is real in every detail and each event described occurred; however, the sequence of events is fictionalized. For example, I did not see the pottery made from beginning to end, but rather saw different steps of the process throughout the course of my seven days. In total, I did view every step except for retrieving the clay from the mountains, but as they told many stories about this, I have a fairly accurate idea of how it would have happened had I experienced it myself. For fluency’s sake, I detail the process in an orderly fashion rather than how I actually viewed it, placing the steps from beginning to end.

I believe that this short narrative accurately portrays the lives of the women in Edehara I grew to know and cherish over those seven days. Following the narrative are two short sections detailing the methodology of research and the limitations of this project. At the conclusion of this paper, I hope that I will have justified my description of these women as perseverant rather than lazy or unmotivated and will have given reason to those who have previously judged them as such to reconsider their opinion.


Anthropology | Art Practice | Social and Cultural Anthropology


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