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Yale University

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Spring 2009

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Morocco: Culture and Society


The expansion of women in the private sector not only affects the economic sphere, but further influences women’s participation in social and political decision-making. In aiming to strengthen the roles of women in the economy, professional organizations hope to equip women with the skills necessary to succeed as leaders in the businesses sector. The capacities of these organizations vary from region and often employ different strategies to achieve their missions. What links them, however, is the objective to enhance the capabilities of women as heads of households, students, professionals and leaders. This focus on social and economic development takes the form of training workshops, seminars and projects aimed towards enhancing one’s capacity and awareness. Taking these points into consideration, this paper aims to explore the skills stressed by professional organizations, and how, if at all, they empower the female entrepreneur as a leader in business and in her community. This paper proposes that women in business are in a strategic and structural position to help promote and influence conversations and movements towards greater reform in Morocco.


Business | Women's Studies


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