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Swarthmore College

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Spring 2008

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Samoa: Pacific Islands Studies


Despite the presence of environmental education and awareness programs, Samoa still faces many environmental problems today, especially in the area of waste management. With the influx of packaged goods into a society that had always lived off the land, Samoans have had to change their conception disposal of rubbish. In schools, students are learning about waste management, yet litter and improper disposal of waste continues to be an issue. In order to understand this dichotomy exists, surveys were conducted at eight secondary schools on ‘Upolu and Savai’i to determine what kinds of waste exist at different schools and how much the students know about proper waste disposal. The data reveals that while awareness on many levels exists, the resources for students to actually carry out good waste management both in schools and at home are not always established. These observations provide insight into paths for the future to facilitate good waste management awareness and action inside and outside of school settings.


Natural Resources Management and Policy | Social and Behavioral Sciences


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