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Bates College

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Spring 2009

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Tibet/Bhutan: Tibetan and Himalayan Studies


By studying a specific example of a system which requires women to be part of the government, policy makers can better understand how to use tools such as a quota to improve the lives of women. I researched whether and how women gain political agency through the quota system implemented by the Tibetan government in exile. I used in-depth interviews from both parliamentary members and those affected by the decisions made by the Tibetan Government in exile to discover the social climate surrounding the quota system. I gained an understanding of how the condition of women’s lives has changed as their community has dispersed and how these changes have resulted in political change. An in depth study of the quota system in the Tibetan government in exile revealed what more needs to be accomplished to continue to improve the lives of women and increase equality between men and women all over the world.


Public Administration | Women's Studies


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