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Bates College

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Spring 2009

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Bolivia: Culture and Development


The labor syndicates of Siglo XX and Catavi in Llallagua Bolivia served as a beacon for labor movements throughout Bolivia through the tweentieth century. Known as one of the revolucionary centers of Bolivia, the history of the labor movments holds great importance in historicaly as well as in our day. The goal of this project was not only to research and document this history in an academic manner, but also to create a kids book which would weave this essential history into a story for children. In order to compile the history which provided the basis for the story I spent two weeks in Llallagua interviewing ex union leaders as well as current mine workers. I combined these oral histories, with academic research as well as experiantial learning by entering the mines with the co-operative miners. These methods yielded both the following paper regarding the history of Siglo XX and Catavi as well as the kid´s book, concerning the labor movement in Llallagua in the twentieth century.


Education | History


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