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Fall 2008

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Switzerland: Development Studies and Public Health


The cancer burden in developing countries like Yemen is significant. These countries are presently ill equipped to adequately provide quality cancer control and care because they have limited financial and medical resources. The first steps to necessary to adequately control the eminent cancer crisis in these countries is to initiate sustainable, cost-effective cancer control strategies. This includes the development of a national cancer control framework, enacting preventative educational programs, increasing biomedical treatment capacity, addressing the need for patient empowerment, and training a significant number of medical professionals. These initiatives can be successfully implemented and supported by networks between various aspects of cancer control in developing nations like Yemen and international cancer control experts, governmental and non-governmental organizations and patient services around the globe. Networking with countries that have a high quality of cancer control such as Switzerland is useful so that developing nations have a model by which to develop their own, similar cancer control strategies.


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