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Emory University

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Spring 2009

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Mali: Gender, Health, and Development


Introduction (excerpt) What other differences exist between illnesses across different cultures? Are the differences only found in the manifestation of symptoms or are there also biological differences? How does one conceptualize mental health issues, such as depression, here in Mali? Is there a stigma against mental health patients in Mali? What facilities, treatments, and medicines are available in Mali to treat mental disorder? After a little more background research I found that the topic of mental health in the developing world has been largely ignored until very recently. As cross-cultural studies in every academic discipline become increasingly more prevalent, anthropology contributes a unique and valuable perspective to providing cross-cultural validity. Furthermore, the world is shrinking rapidly. As globalization accelerates, previously distinct, isolated cultures blend into a melange of new integrated cultures. Anthropology provides an academic context for the observation of different societies and the analysis of similarities and differences between different cultures.


Anthropology | Mental and Social Health | Social and Cultural Anthropology


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