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George Washington University

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Spring 2009

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Ireland: Transformation of Social and Political Conflict


I arrived in Ireland with very little knowledge of what the ‘Transformation of Political and Social Conflict’ semester would entail. As music major, I had to be prepared to study and learn about particular subjects that were completely foreign to my normal area of concentration. During my experiences throughout Ireland, however, I was surprisingly able to soak up even more of my two passions in life: music and children. After one afternoon with children from the Foundation Project, I realized how my two areas of interest are universal and that studying about music and children is never-ending. I recognized that there were differences between my personal music background and the music education in the primary schools of Ireland. As a result, I made a decision to look into the lens of local students and teachers in the Dublin area to comprehend the significance of music education in the primary school curriculum.


Curriculum and Instruction | Music


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