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Vassar College

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Fall 2009

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Czech Republic: Post-Communist Transition and the Arts


This study was designed to investigate the recent trends of non-traditional theatre spaces in the Czech Republic. By profiling four theatres, called “found-transformed” spaces for the purposes of this paper, the study‟s original aim was to draw a conclusion about the impulses for the creation and use of these spaces within the Czech context. The four spaces were: Divadlo Tramtarie in Olomouc, Moving Station in Plzen, Divadlo Těchonice in Těchonice, and Kulturní Dům Rozkrok in Varnsdorf. Methodologies employed include personal interview, observation of both the spaces and some of the work performed in the space, and research of theoretical texts about theatre spaces. The study found that, while there is no perfect parallel connecting all four of these found-transformed Czech spaces, each exhibits innovative traits that can be seen in the history of Czech theatrical practices from the National Revival of the 18th- and 19th-centuries to today.


Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


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