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Warren Wilson College

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Fall 2009

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Botswana: Ecology and Conservation


For a period of three weeks I spent my days wandering the streets of Maun, talking to lodge owners, restaurants, local bars, and private waste collectors investigating the ways in which beverage cans are reused, recycled, and disposed of in Maun. Ultimately I wanted to uncover the story of the beverage can in the village of Maun. Throughout my investigation I sought to answer three important questions: how, why and by who are beverage cans recycled, how do villagers reuse beverage cans, and what are the major barriers preventing more widespread reuse and recycling of beverage cans. I conducted my investigation by methods of literary research, observations, informal conversations, hands on experience and interviews. My investigation and research provided me with the information I needed to tell the story of the ways in which the beverage can is reused, recycled and disposed of in the village of Maun. In order to tell a more complete story of the beverage can I also included the history of the can, barriers preventing the reuse and recycling of cans in Maun, and possible solutions to overcoming these barriers. Throughout my investigation I interviewed dozens of individuals, organizations, and business. The ways in which cans are reused, recycled, and disposed of are described throughout this report and ultimately portray a diverse story.


Environmental Health and Protection


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