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University of Richmond

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Fall 2009

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Cameroon: Social Pluralism and Development


Diamond mining in the southeastern Cameroon is on the cusp of a boom of development. Artisanal diamond miners served as the “beacon” for an industrial mining company, C&K, to explore and attempt to gain permission to commence exploitation. There are massive social, economic and environmental implications depending on the execution of exploitation. It is the role of the government bodies and the corporation to identify sustainable methods to develop this untapped natural resource and the surrounding infrastructure. The region is an isolated throwback; its basic functions are, in essence, dated four decades. They need improved simple infrastructure, although the local populations do not, at this time, warrant all of their demands for development. The diamond site at Mobilong exemplifies the Cameroonian government’s secretive attempts to properly exploit a rich natural resource after their fabulous squanders in the oil and timber industries. However, at the basic level, lack of transparency and communication are securing another tremendous failure to capitalize on an economic milestone. This report attempts to inquire in the reports of fantastic diamond deposits in Mobilong, interpret the efficiencies and management of the parties involved and provide a socioeconomic forecast for diamond mining in Cameroon.


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Economics | Growth and Development


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