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Vassar College

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Fall 2009

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Cameroon: Social Pluralism and Development


The subject of this project is the common perceptions that exist towards microfinance in Cameroon within the community of those who work with or are influenced in some way by microfinance institutions. Furthermore, the project focuses on the ways in which these perceptions affect the institutions, the actions of the institutions amidst and in response to these perceptions, and to what extent these actions have a positive effect on the community and the firms themselves. I also examine to a certain degree the relationship between the two main goals of category two and category three microfinance firms: specifically, the fulfillment of social goals such as poverty alleviation and financial success. A large part of my research is based on my involvement with UNICS Plc., a category two microfinance institution with its head office in Yaoundé. For the purposes of research, I was an intern at UNICS for two weeks of this project to better understand how individual microfinance institutions function in the face of community perceptions.


Economics | Growth and Development


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