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University of Vermont

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Fall 2009

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Kenya: Development, Health, and Society


This paper assess the political capital of the rural Kenyan coast village of Shirazi in the context of the project planning process, using the subjective well-being paradigm of development to guide the research parameters. Household surveys were conducted to provide a baseline of information about village demographics, political efficacy, and measure subjective well-being. The surveys found that Shirazi village, although disadvantaged by limited access to economic markets and financial capital, has a wealth of political capital. The results of the survey, supported by an observation of and participation in the village’s political processes, indicate that Shirazi village will be a competent project partner, capable of independent action and self-accountability. The subsequent project development and planning initiatives undertaken confirm the above assumption and indicate a promising future for the Shirazi Community Health Project.


Medicine and Health | Regional Sociology


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