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Macalester College

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Fall 2009

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Balkans: Post-Conflict Transformation in Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia


This project concerns the concept of nostalgia in the context of Yugoslavia. Through my interviews, observations, and daily interactions, I have sought to present the state of Yugonostalgia in present-day Belgrade. This project looks at Yugonostalgia through three lenses: the past, present, and future. In general, there is positive thinking about the past, a dismal perception of the present, and an optimistic outlook for the future. Despite the fact that many people have these nostalgic stories about the past, Yugonostalgia is still a negative and sometimes offensive term. In this paper, I, the researcher, struggle with my own nostalgia for what I believe would have been a utopian society and with being open and perceptive to other, differing types of nostalgia present in my interviewees.


Regional Sociology


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