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Northwestern University

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Fall 2009

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Viet Nam: National Development and Globalization


The research attempts to reveal how labels of victimization of trafficked returnees can actually harm socialization efforts of reintegration. Although men are trafficked for sexual purposes as well, the study will focus only on the acclimization of women in An Giang province, on the border of Cambodia. The paper discusses the stories of three returnees and analyzes their social reintegration through social events such as cooking and through informal conversations. This is turn, is compared to other populations that may be susceptible to trafficking, but have not yet been. All work and research is based on the participant observation form of ethnographic writing. This work has the ultimate aim of bringing a humanistic emphasis to stories of sex trafficking, ultimately to provide a balance against the sensationalistic journalistic accounts of returnees.


Inequality and Stratification | Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance


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