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University of New England

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Fall 2009

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Viet Nam: National Development and Globalization


As labor unions in Vietnam become further divided from the political ideologies they arose from, it is important to examine how workers can become accurately represented in a system of changing markets, government and an economic movement towards the free-market system. As the role of the labor union changes and attempts to adapt into contemporary times, this study discusses and analyzes the opinions and actions of Vietnam’s citizens; from the worker’s most affected by the oncoming changes to those who take part it crafting and enforcing legislation on the issue. This study arrives at its answer by combining interviews, social and political theory, an analysis of previous studies and a look into current programs focusing on improving living conditions for the working class. Ultimately, labor unions have many obstacles to overcome in order to empower the working class in the face of globalization and the changing socio-political structure emerging within Vietnam today.


Labor Economics | Work, Economy and Organizations


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