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Hamilton College

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Spring 2010

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Kenya: Health and Community Development


The prevalence of Type II Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) has become an increasing problem in virtually every city in the world due to lifestyle changes in recent decades that have greatly reduced healthy eating habits as well as exercise. Research has shown that T2DM is largely preventable through healthy lifestyle choices. It is crucial for every country’s population to be aware of the risk factors and complications of diabetes so that they can take active steps to avoid the monumental physical and financial burden of the disease. This study attempted to gauge diabetes awareness among patients living with diabetes and to explore barriers and solutions to both educating the public and improving diabetes management among current patients in Mombasa, Kenya. Interviews with 25 patients, 9 diabetes care providers, and a host of other professionals relating to diabetes were conducted over three weeks in April, 2010. Diabetes awareness among an educated patient sample was startlingly low. Barriers to public awareness and quality diabetes management of are numerous but feasible solutions appear to exist. To avoid the prevalence of diabetes reaching epidemic proportions, it is imperative that all citizens of Mombasa become aware of the serious health and financial risks posed by diabetes and make lifestyle changes accordingly.


Public Health Education and Promotion


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