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Southwestern University

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Spring 2010

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Kenya: Health and Community Development


This study identifies the current major threats to the Lamu Town World Heritage Site, which lies on the coast of Kenya. Lamu gained status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its well preserved Swahili living culture as well as the physical representations of that culture in architecture etc. Lamu is a tourist hotspot within the region and hosts over 50,000 for the Maulidi Festival alone. However, the town is in desperate need of infrastructure development if it is to be maintained for the future. The greatest barrier to development and cultural heritage preservation is the lack of a Management Plan for the World Heritage Site, which although it is a requirement for enlistment has not been produced within the last eight years. With the incoming development of a new transport corridor to serve the East African Community, Lamu district will host a mega-port only miles away from the World Heritage Site. This new development if left unmonitored, will exaggerate the current problems which exist, particularly fresh water supplies which serve Lamu Island and the surrounding communities.


Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Tourism

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