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Loyola College

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Spring 2010

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Jordan: Modernization and Social Change


Poverty exists across the globe, in almost every region and area there is present a form of social injustice. This inequality comes from several different factors and is caused by a multitude of both domestic and foreign affairs alike. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is no exception to the rule. This study is aimed at measuring the effectiveness of the Community Development Center in reducing the inequalities that exist in the town of Ashrafiyah, however, through the method of teaching civil society. Civil society, originally a western, democratic concept, is not often spoken about in Jordanian society. However, with the elections of Parliament approaching, the constant surge of media from the west, and the ever-changing world we live in many believe that the democratic route is currently the best path for Jordan. Through the use of the concepts of civil society organizations introduced in Civil Society and Urban Poverty-examining complexity by Diana Mitlin, this study will analyze how implementing a democratic concept in a non-democratic society successfully reduces inequality in Jordan.


Politics and Social Change



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