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Franklin & Marshall College

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Spring 2010

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Mali: Health, Gender, and Community Empowerment


Mali has the third highest total fertility rate in the world, with each woman having an average of 6.62 children in the year 2009. Gynecological and obstetrical care, therefore, plays a large role in the lives of these women; 70% of women attend at least one prenatal consultation over the course of their pregnancy, and a skilled attendant is present at approximately 50% of all births. In this paper, I seek a better understanding of gynecological and obstetrical care in Bamako, the capital, from the perspective of an Ob/Gyn, which often centers on pregnancy and childbirth. Based on real experiences during 75 hours spent shadowing a gynecologist at a private clinic and residents at a public health center, I have created a model evening of consultations at the clinic and a model day in the birthing room at the public health center.


Maternal and Child Health | Public Health


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