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Vassar College

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Spring 2010

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Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender


This Independent Study Project examines the queer movement and the mainstream gay movement in the Netherlands and the ways in which these communities are divided and the ways in which they are united. The project specifically uses the issue of marriage equality to understand these differences and similarities. Data was obtained by conducting eight in-depth semi-structured interviews and attending a queer conference called “Queeristan.” This data was then analyzed using Butler’s theory on recognition, regulation, and normalization, the theory of Intersectionality, the theory of Covering, and Subculture theory. It is concluded that, while there are several differences between the queer and mainstream communities, these communities are fluid and many people identify with both communities. In addition, while the issue of marriage equality sparks some disagreement between the two communities, it is not a central dividing factor between the queer community and the mainstream gay community.


Gender and Sexuality


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