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Cornell University

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Spring 2010

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Chile: Social, Economic, and Political Transformation


Background: There is a high number of female head of households in Chile, a phenomenon that adds to the poverty of the country and causes a difficult livelihood for many families. Objectives: Analyze the case of Chile in regards to this phenomenon and the services and resources available for these women, paying attention to social, economic, and political factors. Suggest changes to existing programs and provide ideas for future public policy that could help in the future. Methods: Interview female head of households and single mothers and contact social and economic organizations related to the theme. Use information from publications, libraries, seminars, and lectures to analyze my results and investigate methods to reduce the poverty associated with being a female head of household. Conclusions: The current administration should continue with the current programs that direct resources to female heds of households as a means a reducing poverty. Additionally, it should improve the sexual education of Chile and reduce the salary gap between women and men.


Economic Policy | Public Policy | Social Policy



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