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Franklin & Marshall College

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Spring 2010

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Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples


The South Asian world is dominated by India and China, their combined populations equaling almost a full half of humankind. In 1962, the two countries clashed over their border. The main reason for the war was the contest over large areas of territory claimed by both countries. The border still has not been adequately defined. This essay examines the border dispute from its roots in history, through the 20th century and into the present. It was the goal of this work to give an unbiased account of the dispute, though the weight of evidence in favor of the Indian claim has influenced my conclusions. This topic is one of the most relevant issues in modern Asia, though the absence of any recent armed conflict over the areas have caused public interest in it to wane. Central to the dispute is the issue of Tibet and Chinese occupation therein. The history and circumstances surrounding the border are instrumental in settling the dispute and keeping peace in Asia.


Asian Studies | Defense and Security Studies


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