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University of Richmond

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Fall 2010

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Uganda and Rwanda: Post Conflict Transformation


Justice sector reform is an arena of competition, where international development partners and Rwandan government institutions introduce contending ideas of justice through different development projects. In this ensuing competition of influence, how do international players utilize their roles as development partners to affect the accepted standards within Rwandan courts through established systems of monitoring and evaluation? And moreover, how do individuals in the Rwandan government perceive these partners, projects, and indicators? This study aims to answer these questions through an in-depth literature review, an analysis of development projects in the justice sector, and finally semi-structured interviews with key individuals in justice sector institutions. Through these methods, this study found that as opposed to offering different judicial values, government institutions and international development partners hold differing prioritizations of the same values. Furthermore, another root cause of tension within the sector is the ongoing struggle between maintaining institutional independence and harmonizing with sector-wide strategies.


Growth and Development | Law and Economics


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