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Arcadia University

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Fall 2010

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Jordan: Modernization and Social Change


My research seeks to analyze the relationship between identity and fashion among Jordanian Christian women between the ages of 18-24. The goal of my project was to discover how Jordanian Christian women identify themselves, whether their clothes reflect their identity, and lastly find out what ways their clothes reflect their identity. In order to investigate my study, I observed various places throughout the city of Amman, the media and various churches; surveyed 20 women regardless of religion; held a focus group; and lastly, interviewed 5 Jordanian Christian women between 18-24, and 1 Jordanian Christian man of similar age. Through my research, I not only discovered the current fashion trends and phenomena within Amman, but I also I found that the clothing young Jordanian Christian women wear does not reflect their inner-identity as much as it is a reflection of how they fit within their society. Additionally, I found that while the clothing of the Christian women who participated in my study reflected the Arab society in which they lived, the women themselves claimed that they identified more with the West and its values, primarily because of its similar Christian heritage.


Social and Cultural Anthropology | Sociology


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