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Bates College

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Fall 2010

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Samoa: Pacific Communities and Social Change


The aim of this research is to determine the prevalence of religious persecution and examine how minority religions, particularly within the Bahá‟í Faith, have experienced it in Samoa. Case studies from the Bahá‟í and research looking at prominent stories of persecution will demonstrate the overarching problem that a lack of religious freedom presents in Samoa for minority religions. Understanding Samoans‟ perceptions of religious persecution will be gleaned from the survey portion of the research. Finally, the paper will yield some ideas for improvement in looking at the future of the Bahá‟í Faith and religious freedom in Samoa. In addition to the survey, the researcher conducted interviews with Bahá‟í which were used as case studies, review of public government documents and newspapers, as well as researched geared toward the faith itself by way of the internet and documents provided by the Bahá‟í Temple.


Inequality and Stratification | Religion


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