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Mount Holyoke College

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Fall 2010

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Chile: Comparative Education and Social Change


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The aim of my research, then, is to see and understand how the protagonists of education, high school students participate in dialogue, why do we participate in the dialogue? and what they want resulting from a dialogue?. To accomplish this purpose, I applied a methodology of Paulo Freire for "the investigation of generative themes" of dialogue, so would not only be studying how and why we participate in dialogue, but also practicing it in my research. I made a day of dialogue, which involved seven students from different schools and public high schools, private subsidized and private pay. The diversity of educational establishments allowed, first, to create information on various dimensions of the situation and secondly to give a chance and allowed experience shows the result of the coexistence of diverse social realities students.


Civic and Community Engagement | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Sociology | Education Policy | Inequality and Stratification | Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education


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