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Johns Hopkins University

Publication Date

Spring 2011

Program Name

Kenya: Health and Community Development


The AIDS epidemic that has plagued sub-Saharan Africa for the last few decades has produced a growing population of children that have been detrimentally affected by the consequences of the disease—death of parents, declining household income, poor education, hunger, and stigma. These effects are heightened in urban slums like Kibera, where poverty, disease, and other problems run rampant. Experts concur that the best way to address the needs of AIDS-affected children is through community-based organizations on-site that work to reduce the risks faced specifically by these kids. Angels of Hope Kibera is one such institution, providing early childhood education, a feeding program, and counseling to children and families within the community, free of charge. However, many of these institutions, Angels of Kibera included, are running on very tight budgets that need to be expanded to adequately address the needs of the AIDS-affected youth they serve. Photography can serve as an avenue to help increase these budgets. This project seeks to use photographs taken of the children and interviews with their families to create a photobook that could potentially serve as a fundraising tool that can bring much needed revenue to Angels of Hope Kibera. The project will likely continue for some time, but many remain hopeful that it can do some good and succeed.


Arts and Humanities | Social Work