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Topic: Conflict Transformation Focus: Skill Building, Conflict, Youth and Awareness/ Education


This is a training, designed for a multi-cultural youth setting, to build skills and awareness for interpersonal conflict. It can be adapted for adults. This training focused on three major components of interpersonal conflict: communication, world-view dynamics, and physiological response. Our foundation for tying these three components together was the “Spiral of Conflict”, a framework used by many conflict workers and teachers. The spiral suggests that interpersonal and other forms of conflict tends to begin with a situation, and escalates, rather than de-escalating. We utilized a drawing of the spiral of conflict and highlighted that the spiral of conflict begins with a situation that moves upward by having poor communication skills, moves further upward by having a very limited world-view, moves further upward when you feel anxiety or fear, until you are finally in a full blown interpersonal conflict.


Social and Behavioral Sciences