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The intent of the training was to deepen knowledge of effective cross-cultural training design. In effect, we set out to lead a “training of trainers.”

The training topic was one that we picked out of a series of possible topics. It was not a subject that we know a lot about.

One of us works for an organization that organizes trainings having to do with diversity and racism. Although the focus did not coincide exactly with ours, we thought that perhaps the organization’s Executive Director might be a helpful resource. He was gracious enough to meet with us and gave us some very helpful pointers based on his experience having led trainings in many different countries.

We relied heavily for background on our TDEL coursepack as well as our instructors’ recommended reading list.

We theorized that all of our classmates might have some interest in this training since it represented an opportunity to delve more deeply into the foundations of the TDEL course.


Social and Behavioral Sciences