Pre-Departure Orientation for Outbound College Students

Jeannie Bonner
Céline Cousteau
Erin Nicolls
Sarah Smith


Introduction This is a Pre-departure Orientation for Outbound College students designed to focus on non-traditional aspects of issues that need to be accounted for in preparation for a study abroad experience. It is a training designed for four trainers. The intent of the training is to heighten participants' awareness of motivation for participating in a study abroad experience, one's self identity, and how one's self identity affects the group dynamics. The Purpose, Goals, and Objectives are as follows: Purpose: To provide a framework in which participants can consider less explored aspects involved with studying abroad. Goal: To explore issues of self-awareness and factors influencing a study abroad experience. Objectives (Participants will be able to): Identify and reflect upon personal behavior or attitudes that may affect an overseas experience. Increase their awareness of less explored issues and how they affect group dynamics.