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How we approach conflict often reflects how we envision the outcome. If despair and destruction foreshadow the aftermath of a dispute, then any hope seems impossible. However, hope should not be underestimated. As we examine our behaviors toward conflict -- do we steer away from it, do we actively engage in it ourselves, or do we instigate it -- there is a parallel phenomenon taking place. Hope allows for us to create a vision of what peace could look like. That vision quite possibly can change the outcome. Inherent in our title is the underlying perspective of the training that we already have within each of us the qualities needed to work for peace in ourselves, our communities, and our world. It is how we use these qualities that allows us to see an evolution of peace in practice. Peace is tangible. Peace is possible. And it begins from within. The following quote from Louise Diamond's The Courage for Peace best describes this. "...Inner peace is based on awareness of that essential, universal wholeness. Peace in our relationships is sustained by our ability to tap into, and move from, that place of inner peace..." It is from this basis that we began designing our training.