Crocodiles in the Water, Tigers on the Shore

Marisa Eber, SIT Graduate Institute
Kelly Karcher, SIT Graduate Institute
Joyce Reilly, SIT Graduate Institute

Sustainable Development and Conflict Transformation: Refugees


Good Morning, welcome to Refugees: Trauma and Adaptation also know as Crocodiles in the Water, Tigers on the Shore. This morning we are going to ask you to come with us on a journey, a journey of discovery about ourselves, about our friends in need arriving here on these shores, and about the possibilities of a new definition of hospitality. We trainers, Joyce, Marisa and Kelly, are going to ask you to be willing to take on a role for the next three hours. In order to focus in on a specific experience of many individuals seeking refuge in this world, also know as REFUGEES, which is defined as…(ask participants to help define refugee, refer to pre-needs assessment). We need your help to create a specific situation here in this room. We are going to ask you to assume that you are folks who have decided to open your homes to a refugee or a refugee family, who have just arrived from one of the more than forty areas of conflict in this world. We are going to assume that you have come upon this idea yourselves through careful reading of the news or watching of CNN or talking to a friend and that you have had preliminary discussions with family members who agreed that this is a good idea. You have made an initial contact with an agency, and have filled out a form that has been reviewed. You have been accepted as possible candidates for the Refugee Introduction Program. Today you are here at an Orientation Session, in which you learn more about who are refugees, what is the experience of seeking refuge and how prepared or willing to be prepared are you for this experience. We will be taking you into each section of this training through a guided imagery session. Are there any questions?