Refugee Sponsorship

Anya Hennig
Koni Denham
Jasmina Gradistanac


People from all over the world have regretfully been torn away from their families, friends and homelands and forced into the cultures of neighboring countries and in some cases, distant lands across continents and oceans. There are thousands of dedicated individuals in refugee camps around the world who help to prepare them for their transitions into these new, frightening, and sometimes exciting new cultures. Once these refugees have left the camps, they begin the long arduous journey of resettlement. Sponsorship is one way that individuals, groups and local communities in the United States may participate in the resettlement process; embracing these travelers as they weave their way and the ways of their family members though their stages of cultural adjustment. The intention of this training is to build knowledge, skills and awareness of how participants may contribute to the positive resettlement of individuals and families. Using this knowledge, participants will be able to recognize characteristics of cultural adjustment and techniques for providing support in any of the four stages.