Multicultural Asia


Asia has more than half of the world's population. It is one of the fast growing regions, and is a major player in the globalized world. It is a challenge to understand what multiculturalism is in Asia especially with the distinct histories and cultures of the different countries and cultures. It can be seen as one homogenous region or a rich mixture of different cultures and histories. For some, Asia spells exoticism or mysticism because of its old civilizations, histories, traditions, and rituals. For others, Asia is a land of contrast with the merging of old and new cultures, rich and poor people, and homogenous but also mobile group of people. There are many ways of understanding and experiencing Asia that may range from basic knowledge of peoples and cultures to a deeper understanding of the different layers of identities that has evolved through time. Since the trainers are from different Asian countries, we decided to present the multicultural aspect of Asia and its complex value systems.