Diversity and Strategies in Cross-Cultural Communication


This training is designed for students at US-based international universities, at SIT in particular, to re-examine their perspectives and practice of International English. We hope to make participants aware that International English was presented to them at SIT orientation with an emphasis on the benefits it has for non-native English speakers and the hindrance it has for native English speakers. We want participants to become aware of its benefits to native English speakers and its potential hindrances to non-native English speakers as well. The aim of this training is to help participants to re-examine and shift their attitudes (where needed) toward communication between native and non-native English speakers. We want participants to understand the importance of contextualizing support for the person to whom it is offered, and provide them with perspectives and strategies for contextualizing support and other aspects of using International English, which they can use for the rest of their time at their international school and beyond.